Online Presence Analysis & Audit

Company online presence analysis and audit

Effective digital strategies are based upon analytics that track your business.

Complete company analysis

A complete analysis of your business will include your website and campaigns, helping us gain a clear understanding of your company and industry. It will also help us determine your position within your market and show us how we can help you achieve a higher position than your competitors.

A thorough online presence analysis can identify any obstacles that may hurt the performance of your marketing campaigns while building a strong foundation for the rest of your marketing efforts. Our complete online presence analysis will provide you with comprehensive recommendations for the design of your website, content strategies, and a guide that will help you meet the needs and goals of your business. Our comprehensive analysis will also allow us to create effective goals for your individualized marketing campaigns.

Effective Online Presence Analysis Solutions

When establishing goals and objectives for your online activity, we work closely with you to help us better understand your needs and goals. Our experts use techniques that help us gain an accurate understanding of your company, audience and competitors. We will submit a comprehensive report which will outline clear and effective recommendations about what steps to take next to gain more traction for your business.

Ongoing performance strategy

Our informative reports will help you better understand what needs to be done in order for you to enhance your marketing strategy.

Results delivered in a timely manner

We are able to effectively plan and carry out projects in a timely manner, all while gaining you the audience and views you deserve.

Online Presence Analysis Report

We offer multiple streams of data such as real time analytics, influence analysis, market analysis, content auditing, customer auditing and more. We will create "personas", helping you to understand your users and audience while prioritizing the features of your personalized success strategy. Our analytics program includes many useful features such as: automated tasks, event tracking, custom filters, assisted conversions and many more, depending on the needs of your company.