Jr. Account Executive

Job description In a nutshell, if you love marketing and advertising and you want to be part of a team that’s most basic driving principle is to provide the utmost in client satisfaction—and employee growth—with all major aspects of the marketing and advertising space at your fingertips, APPLY NOW. (But first—we tend to get a little excited, if you couldn’t already tell—please peruse the below lists.) We’ll show you how to be the best marketer possible. Adding skills, talent, and positive energy to our already amazing team is always our greatest goal. Requirements:
  • Passion for marketing and advertising
  • Experience in marketing or advertising
  • Desire to be client-facing (want to work with clients)
  • Willingness to learn and grow
  • Team spirit
  • Open mind
  • Attention to detail/proofing skills (basic grammar, spelling, etc.)
  • Competent writing skills – We don’t need you to write a five-star magazine feature story, but being able to construct a proper sentence is important
  • Strong work ethic
  • Basic math skills (e.g., addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentage change)
  • Bachelor’s Degree
Advantageous and Preferred Skills:
  • Analytical abilities – Being able to summarize data to be concise and informative
  • Desire to meet, talk with, and present to clients – While the Jr. Account Executive will have little to no direct client contact, the Account Services career track is client-facing and such job skills will be necessary as one is promoted to Account Executive, Senior Account Executive, or Director of Account Services
  • Proficiency with Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word (in this order)
  • Typing – The faster and more accurate the better
  • Strong proofing skills – Grammar and spelling are particularly useful, but so is catching a giant skyscraper in an ad for a New York client that isn’t located in New York City or noticing a major data entry typo in a client presentation
  • Ability to present to others in person or via digital platform such as Teams or Zoom
General Duties:
  • Create and manage daily sales and ups tracking sheets.
  • Create and manage Production Sheets, Offers and Disclaimers Sheets, and Mailer Tracking Sheets.
  • Create, manage, and submit any of the following jobs: e-blasts, print ads, direct mail pieces, digital assets such as display banners and Web site rotators, etc.
  • Communicate with assigned clients as directed and as necessary to complete everyday asset changes for release.
  • Proof all assigned ads before submission (i.e., grammar, spelling, manufacturer compliance, legal concerns, etc.).
  • Submit ads directly or to the co-op department for manufacturer compliance pre-approval submission.
  • Send traffic for jobs (i.e., print ads, radio and TV spots, etc.).
  • Release Jobs
  • Confirm receipt of all released jobs.
  • Close Jobs
  • Create and manage weekly Ad Alerts.
  • Create and manage monthly media calendars.
  • Create and submit monthly media tickets.
  • Create and present phone call tracking reports.
  • Create and present monthly competitive analyses.
  • Maintain monthly budgets (i.e., proof and make simple changes as directed, major media changes excluded).
  • Complete month-end reports including recommendations and insights for increasing traffic moving forward.
  • Conduct monthly market research to increase client community event involvement.
  • Manage support departments and the group to ensure timely and accurate delivery of creative and planning.
  • Write and edit radio and TV scripts as needed.
  • Review and communicate client sales results with Account Executive and/or Senior Account Executive for current and future adjustment.
  • Communicate creative, media, promotion, and merchandising elements to the client as needed.
  • Attend all relevant meetings (internal, external, and via phone conference) to proactively disseminate information to all necessary parties to keep business moving forward.
Job Type: Full-time:
  • Pay (negotiable based on talent and experience!): $40,000 - $50,000 per year
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